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It took over an hour to clear immigration at Pearson returning to the US. The line was crazy. A young couple with limited English who had 10 mins to board asked people about skipping the line. People let them through. 1/

Maybe they didn’t know how truly unreal the immigration line to the states could be. Maybe they were flying in from elsewhere and connecting to the US and their first flight was late. But people said sure and let them through. Cuz most people are nice. 2/

They got to the front of the line and so it looked like they would make their flight. An immigration official flagged them for “cutting in line” and loudly walked them back to the end of the line. It was cruel. 3/

It’s immigration. There is nothing you can do. But we all let them through. There is no sign indicating asking to move up wil result in a penalty. I get there are rules, and I’m sure cutting in line creates chaos. But there are plenty of warning signs for other infractions 4/

If there are rules they need to be posted. They didn’t speak English well and weren’t from the US/Canada, so would have no idea how long it can take. The cruelty of publicly walking them back to the end of the line knowing they would miss their flight? It was something. 5/

I looked all around for signs warning about cutting in line. Couldn’t see one. Also, there was no one managing the line to ask questions. 6/

Here is the kicker. After witnessing this I worried about tweeting about it. You hear more and more about issues at the border for US citizens. But people have to know. If there are rules they need to be posted. Also, hire more agents. And damn, that was cruel 7/

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