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(Thread) Roundup

In case you missed them, I wrote 4 threads this week.

# 1 Ted Cruz, the Bible, the NRA, and Russia

# 2 Trump’s NDAs are probably enforcable—but they tell us a lot about him.

(I wrote “probably not” instead of “not” from an abundance of caution, since I haven’t seen that particular NDA. "Not enforceable" would have been accurate, I'm sure.)

# 3: This one is about an underused word: “reactionaries”

In the first few tweets, I didn’t spend much time on liberals v. conservatives, but I attached an excellent Ted Talk if you want more on that.

#4: And yesterday’s thread: thread: Governing by Crisis and Spectacle:

I found it interesting that Brad Pascale made fun of everyone’s outrage.

There is much discussion: Is Trump senile? Crazy?

Maybe, just maybe . . .

. . . he's a really good actor.

First he played the part of a successful businessman.

He literally played one on T.V. Think how convincing he was in that made-up role. People still think he's a self-made wealthy man.

If you compare Trump to a president like Obama . . .

. . . Trump does everything wrong.

But if his objective is to destroy institutions and lead us into a post-truth world, you have to admit he's doing a stellar job.

(Good summary, Edward.)

Fortunately, there is an antidote . . .

. . . As Trump batters institutions and tries to undermine the liberal world order, we work to strengthen those institutions👇

I practice what I preach. This morning I'm doing work for the director of voter protection in Georgia.

What are you doing?

I stand corrected.

I apologize to actors everywhere. I should have used the word con artist.

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