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To name this truly bizarre moment:

Millions of Americans have deliberately chosen to occupy and entirely alternate reality, and in that reality, this sort of thing really pisses off the rest of us, and pissing us off is a good in itself.

Fox News channel provides these alternate-reality Americans the most slickly packaged and self-reinforcing version of the alternate reality they want to see.

Think of it as an ocean liner that began its journey moored to reality, but which has drifted significantly since.

For a while, their version of reality needed to hew to the plumb-line of reality, or at least gesture toward it, but they've been at sea for a long time, and the only news from shore comes in via telegraph, and is translated by the captain.

Here's the captain. They elected him.

Anyway, in "our" reality, we thought "they" were authoritarians who would try to normalize abuse of marginalized people at every possible vector of bigotry, with only scorn for our finer ideals.


In "their" reality, I guess this is us?

Nailed us ...?

They call us socialists? Which...fine? Socialism has appropriate applications. Also, we don't care what they say. They're untethered. We can all see it.

We call them fascists—which they are. It enrages them. They *care* what we think. Deep down they know they're untethered, too.

Our assessment of them hits home, because it's accurate. We're still subject to all the same logical fallacies and intellectual laziness and confirmation bias as anyone, sure—but we've chosen reality. We're on shore.

Theirs misses the mark, because they're untethered—by choice.

People who've chosen a lie hate the truth, so this will happen more frequently, I think.

Increasingly they'll become enraged at the ways in which we reflect actual reality at them.

Increasingly we'll find ourselves bemused by the version of "us" they lash out at.

Exhibit A:

Anyway that's my theory on why famed sieg-heiler Laura Ingraham chose to take some time on her show to attempt to consume a steak pocked with lightbulbs through a straw.

Or maybe she just sucks.

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