Natalia Antonova 😼🕵️‍♀️ @NataliaAntonova Clever girl. @bellingcat editor. Bylines: Guardian, WaPo, Vox, etc. Sep. 08, 2019 1 min read

An aggressive old man wearing a gun tried to sexually harass me last night.

I was lucky that @iAmTheWarax was there to immediately defend me & put the fear of God in him.

I’m not going to say some “men are cancelled” bullshit now.

Just — let’s all raise our kids to be better.

Not all of us are capable of putting an old pervert packing heat in his place.

Seriously, thank the universe for @iAmTheWarax.

But I’m just so tired. What if I’d been out alone? This stuff is terrifying/dehumanizing.

Putting an end to it is always going to be a team effort.

Treating women worse than animals — you don’t get in an animal’s face & bray about “tiddies” — doesn’t make you cool or tough

It certainly won’t bring back your youth

I don’t think there’s hope for that guy. Frankly, he should die alone

Still some hope for most of us, surely.

So dudes, if you see this shit happening — say something, do something.

You don’t have to be all tough. Not everyone is. I’m not. You can just call the cops.

Just please don’t normalize or excuse it, because it’s beyond sick. I still feel disgusting today. No one deserves this.

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