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What If We Stopped Pretending Solving Problems Involved Getting Permission From People Who Don't Want To Solve Problems? by A.R. Moxon

Increasingly for many people in power, the question "what about catastrophic climate change" is "who gives a shit?"

The next thing is to find a reason to not give a shit.

Any reason will do.

Not giving a shit is the point..

I wrote a long thread about this a while back.

The compass determines the direction
The direction determines the navigation
The navigation determines the route
The route determines the journey
The journey determines the destination

So watch the compass

Anyway, those who want to not give a shit need to be made irrelevant immediately, by any means necessary.

Kick them out of power and then keep kicking them until they fall off the cliff they're trying to drive us all off.

They don't matter. At all. That's their choice.

We can do whatever the we want to, as long as we first determine to do it.

We don't need any permission at all from people who don't want to do it, whatever their justification for unconcern.

And we don't have to ask them politely as we escort them the hell out of the building.

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