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This piece is getting the much-needed attention it deserves (thanks for the signal boost, @jameelajamil!). That said, keep in mind:

*This doesn't just impact cis women!*

Anyone with a vagina can be victimized, & exams can also be rectal/prostate. 

This is why the article was deliberately written in a gender neutral way. I say this because if we frame this as a "women's issue," we erase the trauma that has been experienced by folks of other genders. This is all too common in conversations about sexual assault.

As an editor, it makes me really proud that @Healthline supported Misha in writing this piece, not only because it's an issue worth talking about, but they understood the importance of not using cisnormative language.

So yes, be angry about this! It's absolutely unacceptable. Consent is mandatory no matter the context.

But don't forget that (1) anyone can be a victim of this "practice," and (2) sexual assault is not the exclusive domain of one particular gender identity.

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