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Jared Kushner's COFFEE BOY now runs America's Middle East policy

If that isn't enough to make you want to read a book like Proof of Conspiracy about how the Trump family corrupted America's Middle East policy by turning it into a for-profit family business, I got nothing left

1/ Here's what many don't realize: Berkowitz was chosen because he knows about ongoing secret negotiations between Kushner and foreign nationals in the Middle East; Trump had virtually no one else he could pick, as those secrets can't be allowed to reach ears "outside the family"

2/ Just so, Greenblatt and Hook already know about what the Trumps are secretly doing in the Middle East, as does Barrack (who was, incredibly, kept in the loop even after it came out he is under investigation); no one else will be allowed anywhere near Trump's Middle East policy

3/ But it's worse than even this: Trump can only use those who know who the Trump *campaign* was negotiating with in 2016, as new players on his team could discover the role played by a pedophile (Nader), racist (Bannon), warlord (Prince), traitor (Flynn) and murderer (Al-Assiri)

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