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(Short Thread) The End of Democracy?

A few people asked me to comment on⤵️  https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/09/08/shawn-rosenberg-democracy-228045 

Rosenberg is correct that democracy is hard work.

He's also correct that lots of people prefer simple lies to complex truths, and that many people are by nature anti-democratic.

1/ His conclusion that democracy is doomed because people are not up to the task may be true . . .

Or it may not be.

We'll have to see what happens this next year.

“The future takes the shape it does because of what we do now.” (@TimothyDSnyder)

2/ Rosenberg is also correct that democracy is fragile and strong forces are trying to subvert it.

The question is how we respond. Wring our hands, or step up to the challenge?

“Democracy” is from Greek roots.

demo = people
cracy = rule

We're the “demos” in “democracy.”

3/ One goal of Russian active measures is to “undermine democracy, to make Americans lose confidence in our democratic institutions . . . ”

Because when enough people lose confidence, it's all over.

Despair, to me, is the real danger.

4/ Sometimes I’ll ask a doomsayer, “What are you personally doing to strengthen democracy?”

Are you knocking on doors? Registering voters? Running for local office?

Spreading gloom, panic, and despair doesn’t count.
In fact, spreading panic and despair helps destroy democracy.

5/ Rosenberg, the professor in the article, was an outlier.
He shocked the convention with his arguments.

Notice: The person who spreads gloom and shock gets attention. And clicks. (Clicks = $)

Think about that.

(Are people cashing in on your fears?)

6/ The Democrats won by 8 percentage points in 2018.

There's no reason it can't happen again. In fact, Democrats can do even better.

What happens in 2020 depends on what people do in the next 14 months.

That’s why I keep posting my list👇

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