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I'm leaving for Philly/DC Wed., but I'm busy all day tomorrow, so I have to pack today, so y'all are going to have to read some tweets about how much I hate packing. God I hate packing.

You know you work from home when: you set out to pack for a professional travel event and realize that you literally have no clothing and must have been dressing in tattered rags for the last several years.

Ugh, so I'm packing for a 10-day trip. That's too much for my short-trip bag ... but then the next step up is a big ol' suitcase I'll have to check at the airport. A real dilemma. What do y'all use as luggage for the vexing Medium Trip?

Good gravy, it's supposed to get up to 90° in Philly on Thursday while I'm there. 😓

Guess I won't be packing any jackets, which is too bad, since jackets are the one piece of clothing I genuinely treasure.

Packing so far:

1. Place every item of clothing I own on the bed for inspection.
2. Hate all of it.
3. Check twitter.

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