JM Rieger @RiegerReport Video Editor, The Washington Post • [email protected] Sep. 09, 2019 1 min read

Acting CBP head Mark Morgan at 1:28 pm:

“We are not working and telling the cruise line that you cannot allow anyone without documents. That’s just not being done…We will accept anyone on humanitarian reasons"

Trump at 3:19 pm:

“Everybody needs totally proper documentation."

Trump contradicts CBP head on Bahamian refugees, argues they might have been infiltrated by ‘very bad people’ 

NBC News - The U.S. will not grant temporary protected status to people from the Bahamas displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

The status would allow Bahamians to work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return home. 

—> CBS News confirms NBC News reporting

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