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"Shopify will add a team with decades of experience in fulfillment software and robotics, including experienced leaders from Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics)."  https://news.shopify.com/shopify-to-acquire-6-river-systems 

The Chuck system and 6 River's other products are a pretty big win for Shopify. Nailing automation will be crucial to competing with Amazon Fulfillment; they're rolling out new tech at a crazy pace.

A lot of the Chinese e-commerce and logistics explosion was human-driven; cheap hands, many of them, in highly urbanized environments. But companies like JD are going all out on automation implementation & R&D too.  https://youtu.be/RFV8IkY52iY 

I think JD has displayed even more delivery paradigms than Amazon has at this point. Seems to have really been a strong-suit of theirs; Alibaba and Sunning were playing catchup.  https://youtu.be/a8M_CwwgWRs 

I have no idea how much of this tech is in the field and active, but I believe they're still claiming that their Shanghai smart warehouse is fulfilling 200,000 orders a day.  https://youtu.be/24T14VP5vVs 

JD is also going all out on future utopia too, and honestly, it'll probably show up in China in like 3 years.  https://youtu.be/XGSl9DCkxvo 

Meituan has neat warehouse automation tech for grocery delivery too, and it's integrated with their Autonomous Delivery platform. Most of all Chinese e-commerce companies are ahead of Amazon for last-mile.  https://technode.com/2019/06/18/meituan-developing-fully-automated-warehouse-to-power-flash-delivery/ 

Also this 😂  https://jdcorporateblog.com/jd-launches-blockchain-open-platform/ 

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