Asha Rangappa @AshaRangappa_ Fmr FBI Special Agent, lawyer, faculty @JacksonYale. Tiger(ish) mom. @CNN analyst. Editor @just_security. Karaoke, golf, and Shakespeare aficionado. Views mine. Sep. 10, 2019 1 min read

This makes me sick to my stomach. This asset provided irreplaceable intelligence and his extraction creates a hole in our knowledge of Russia’s intentions and capabilities, even as its attacks on the U.S. continues 1/

Back in 2017 I found @DevinNunes’ fixation on revealing the underlying intelligence on the Page FISA to be bizarre, given that it would reveal sources who might be able to corroborate intel on Russia’s activities. Now I feel like that was the whole point 

But have no fear, Barr is now ON IT. One has to wonder why, if the Steele Dossier was the “only” basis for the Russia probe, Trump is obsessed with “exposing everything,” including CIA’s and allies’ sources and intel 🤔 

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