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Imagine controlling a computer with your thoughts, direct brain-to-brain communication or even enhancing your concentration with computing power. This is the potential of #NeuralInterface technology, the subject of our new report out today  #BCI

#NeuralInterface and #BCI technologies can be used to stimulate internal or external parts of the body to improve quality of life. Developments in this area are already used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s, improve hearing and aid recovery from strokes. 

Co-chair of our working group for the iHuman report, Christofer Toumazou FRS @ProfDNA discusses the report’s findings  #NeuralInterfaces #BCI

Innovations in #NeuralInterfaces and #BCI have the potential to improve our lives but may also challenge our ideas of what it is to be human. The Royal Society has reviewed research in the field and produced this report 

Did you know that one of the earliest applications of #NeuralInterfaces included ancient Romans using electric rays to treat headaches? Explore our interactive timeline of the technology 

#NeuralInterface technology is in its infancy, like early mobile phones, making it the best time to review the risks and opportunities and to decide if and how this technology should grow and develop. 

We asked members of the public what they thought about the future of #NeuralInterfaces. While people were happy to restore ‘lost’ functions, they were less comfortable with NIs enhancing humans which could add to inequality. Read the public dialogue report 

The UK is in a strong position to lead the way with innovations in #NeuralInterfaces, thanks to our NHS, gaming sector and academic excellence. Alongside considered regulation and strong R&D investment, this field could flourish in the UK. 

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