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We’ve already long past the point where Nancy Pelosi needs to lose her job.

Imagine if you were hired to run a Popeyes Chicken. The last manager hadn’t solved the location’s main problem, which was that an infestation of crocodiles were eating all the chicken and also the customers.

That was Nancy Pelosi’s situation at the beginning of this year.

Imagine there were still crocodiles a year later. Just as many, but now much more confident they’d be allowed to go on doing as they pleased, and your answer was that the crocodiles sure were unpopular, and you hoped your bosses would get rid of them next year.

Nancy Pelosi now.

It’s not that she’s just as bad as the crocodiles. It’s not that there’s no difference between her and the crocodiles.

It’s just that she has a job, and she’s not doing it, and we really need someone who will do it.

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