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I still think The Spectator Index is a hedge fund or nation state propaganda outlet, but this is a good tweet

Wouldn't go as far as to say that this is a Russian propaganda account; I think that is just often a scapegoat now. But it's certainly an interesting case of pseudonymity. Why hide behind a handle? Good questions raised here:

Someone with more chops than me could likely answer this question by looking into the credit card processing:

Here's my 2017 thread of trying to answer that question. Every now and then investigative reporters reach out to me to try to pick up the trail — but it always goes cold.

The elite dril that can't get doxed. Just impressive, honestly.

Well, I found some answers. Hosted from a near-blacklisted Utah cloud provider, The Spectator Index touches a now-deregistered Australian corporation based out of this Lebanese-Australian's home, who has an odd, bot-amplified Internet trail that brushes w/ a prominent think-tank.

The Internet is fake 🙃

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