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As NC votes in an election Trump is obsessed with, and he simultaneously tweets about helping NC post-hurricane, my note that Trump may have positioned AL as a Dorian victim partly to raise his profile as a leader in advance of the 2020 AL Senate election looks better and better

1/ Remember, Trump doesn't care about loss of life. As Dorian was bearing down on America, his only interest was in *complimenting the hurricane for being spectacular*—thinking he'd soak up some sort of creepy reflected luster from that. So the AL nonsense looks partly political.

2/ If you don't think Trump would pretend to be interested in Alabama being in the path of a hurricane when he knew it wasn't partly to position himself better politically for a critical 2020 Senate race, I don't know what presidency you've been watching. The man's a *sociopath*.

3/ Last point I'll make about this: Trump is *obsessed* with the 2020 AL Senate race. He's livid that Republicans lost the seat, and livid that the seat they lost came open because of his *own nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General*. Doug Jones is on his mind constantly.

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