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My take on John Bolton getting fired is that every single Republican at every level of government should get fired and I’m not fussy about the order.

One reason people give to not get rid of so-and-so is fear the replacement will be worse; and it’s fear these fascists count on to secure our compliance.

Any Bolton replacement will be a horror. Bolton was a horror, too. They *all* have to go.

It's the same for fear of impeaching Trump, because oh no what if Pence.

The answer: Pence has to go, too.

But Trump is blatantly corrupt and manifestly unfit. Fear of Pence is no reason to not investigate and prosecute Trump ... and start investigating Pence's exposure.

Authoritarians would really like us thinking small and unimaginative and pre-defeated; we shouldn't accommodate them.

Think big, think possible. The world we're creating has no place for such leaders as them. So one of our goals is removing them all.

Or, put another way: you realize Pence can become president even if we don't confront Trump, right?

Do you think letting Trump get away with all he's done unscathed makes confronting any hypothetical president Pence harder, or easier?

We have to fight them. May as well start.

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