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18 years ago, a group who believed diversity is evil and that violence redeems hurt us as badly as they could, in hopes we’d embrace their extremist beliefs, and hurt ourselves a thousand times worse than they ever could.

If we wish to honor the dead, we should stop obliging.

The line I heard in the years after the attack was “they attacked us because they hate our freedoms.”

Maybe so.

Maybe we should think about what those freedoms were, and how we’ve given them up since.

They did it to activate the parts of us, already there, that would most harm ourselves— The parts most aligned with their own grim worldview, that believe that closed is strong and open is weak, that homogeneity is moral value, and that violence redeems.

They believed in a closed-off nation of cultural hegemony centered around a fundamentalist authoritarian religious govn’t, harsh penalties for dissent, death to journalists, Muslim/Christian war.

I’m speaking here of course of the 9/11 attackers. In 2019 this needs clarification

So yes, in 2001 let’s say they “hated our freedoms.”

Suppose we all agreed to finally start loving them?

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