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This is in response to me criticizing David Frum.

i’ll answer the question presently, but first I’d like to point out: if my criticism is silencing Frum, then this tweet is silencing me.

which obviously it isn’t

The issue with Frum is, he is one of the architects of the misinformation campaign that led to the Iraq war.

there has never been any sort of acknowledgment or reckoning on his part, and I think it is entirely appropriate to call him to account on that score

One reason that we are in this fascist pickle bowl right now is that the Iraq era showed evil people that there was no atrocity that wouldn’t be forgotten or normalized, given enough time and shamelessness.

Normalizing Frum today partakes in that phenomenon, and we shouldn’t.

Silencing Frum? If only.

Is there room for forgiveness? Sure. It’s not appropriate for me to bestow it. I’m not one of the direct victims of the Iraq war.

Moral room for him to have a platform again? Maybe. But not without a reckoning first.

If David Frum was the sort of man he’s pretending to be, he would silence himself and promote the people who were trying to stop him 15 years ago.

He’s not trying to help. He’s just trying to keep his plum spot. Reconciliation without reparation. So much for him.

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