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@Uber is right not to consider drivers as part of their core business. Their core business is extorsion.

Example: the last time I used Uber, the wait was 10 minutes. 5 minutes later the wait climbed to 18 minutes, the driver moving away to complete a ride. I canceled it. Uber made pay a 6$ fine because the driver was « on his way » (sic)

Uber made 6$, no driving required

Uber’s core business is to make you feel that you can get a ride in a reasonable time for a reasonable price. In practice, they often either increase the waiting time, put a price surge, or both.

Note that many times they don’t even share the surge with the driver.

I’ve seen an example on Twitter where Uber took close to 90% of the total price of the course.

I rode with a Lyft driver who had noticed that the price Uber gave a customer was very different from the price they gave him. He complained. Uber banned him for life.


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