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The context here is key: Trump's campaign was—*while the UAE was spying on Americans*—being closely advised by the UAE ambassador to the US *and* three Americans who were simultaneously UAE advisers. The UAE then offered the campaign illegal financial assistance, and it approved.

1/ There's *no doubt* a) the Emirati government wanted Trump to win and was willing to commit crimes to effectuate that end, b) was secretly in regular communication with the Trump campaign, c) was spying on Americans with the oversight of the very UAE officials supporting Trump.

2/ So when we say "Project Raven spied on Americans during the campaign" and the FBI/CIA were tardy in overseeing the use of allied—Israeli—technology by an "ally" (UAE) on Americans, very few will doubt that the Emiratis were spying on Americans they considered hostile to Trump.

3/ But oh god, there's so much more to even this *tiny* slice of Proof of Conspiracy, as Trump was *actively seeking permits from the UAE government for his golf courses* while this was going on, and Trump advisers were *actively promising the Emiratis a pro-UAE foreign policy*.

4/ That is—to put it plainly—the Trump campaign's advisers were *inducing criminal activity by the Emiratis* with policy promises on Trump's behalf even as Trump was trying to *extract monetary value* from the Emirati government. This is the *definition* of "collusive activity."

5/ All this is the tip of the iceberg—and can't be summarized here. Proof of Conspiracy is a 600-pg. book with a separate online archive of citations that runs nearly 400 pages. I offer these tweets just to underscore (a) we know the feds *are* investigating this, (b) it's *bad*.

PS/ If we had an administration in power that *wasn't* implicated in the Emiratis' pre-election crimes, there'd be a demand for some answers: why were the Emiratis spying on Americans during our election? And why did the Israeli government allow them to use Israeli tech to do it?

PS2/ More questions: Why did the Emiratis' head-of-state ("MBZ") send multiple advisers (at least three) to secretly advise the Trump campaign? Why did MBZ secretly enter the U.S. in 2016 to go to Trump Tower? Why did MBZ "war-game" the Kremlin interference op before it happened?

PS3/ Why did MBZ send his (and Trump's) adviser, George Nader, to the Kremlin *multiple times* during the 2016 campaign to meet Kremlin officials? Why did MBZ agree to a joint-investment plan with the Kremlin in 2014—and how did this influence his knowledge of Putin's activities?

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