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Trump transition officials are now choosing whether to prosecute witnesses against the Trump transition.

This isn't how rule of law is supposed to work. Ever.

It started with Rosenstein deciding whether to indict in a case in which he's a witness, and went downhill from there.

1/ I heard an interview yesterday in which Neil Gorsuch bragged about how our legal system is so sterling that anyone who says we're having a breakdown in rule of law is a Chicken Little. I was disgusted. Attorneys aren't trained to shrug and say, "Well—it's better than nothing."

2/ Trump's battle plan was clear to any trial attorney—or simply person—from the start: systematically discredit every witness against him so his allies in Congress and assorted cultists outside DC can instantly reject all the accurate and true evidence such people have on Trump.

3/ And Trump has executed his battle plan masterfully, as Republican Congressmen now have all the ammunition and political cover they need to instantly ignore anything said about Trump by two successive FBI directors. Meanwhile, the Democrats can't shoot straight. It's maddening.

4/ That's why I said that if Democrats are losing the rhetorical and procedural wars—inasmuch as they're *winning* in court but it's taking too long to get documents or testimony—they should revert to publicly advising Americans to read The Mueller Report and Proof of Conspiracy.

5/ When candidates and members of Congress are secretly reading Vol. 1 of the Mueller Report and Proof of Conspiracy—and they are, in both cases—and getting terrified by the evidence therein, it behooves them to say, "We're getting more evidence now, but read what's already out!"

6/ By not actively and systematically advising Americans to read the evidence that's already publicly available, Democrats send the false message that there's no evidence of Trump malfeasance presently, but they're working on finding some. That's *wildly and irresponsibly false*.

7/ Every Democrat should be on TV saying "Read The Mueller Report. Read House of Putin, House of Trump. Read the IG Report's references to leaks in the NYC FBI office. Read the SDNY indictments of Cohen. Read the Papadopoulos sentencing documents. Read Proof of Conspiracy. Read!"

8/ And what that allows you to do is say to any journalist or Trump cultist who spouts nonsense about Trump's malfeasance being imaginary, "Did you read X? Did you read Y? Did you read Z? Did you read anything at all—or is this a *ludicrous personal opinion* I can freely ignore?"

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