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My favorite thing is when Pelosi discusses the facts that'd support impeachment as though they're magic-stew components we might one day find alongside a unicorn and pixie

SPOILER: Proof of Conspiracy exists
SPOILER: The Mueller Report exists
SPOILER: 40 past/ongoing cases exist

1/ It'd be fine for the Speaker to say, "We have sufficient facts for impeachment now—but want more," but the rhetorical game she's playing—to justify not taking action—is undercutting all the work hundreds of people have done for 3 years now to build a massive stock of evidence.

2/ There's a way to do what Speaker Pelosi is doing that's honest, transparent, and smart—but this isn't it.

*Any sentence* a Democrat utters to media that sounds *anything like* "We're looking for the evidence" rather than "We have tons of evidence and want more" is *uncut BS*.

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