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One thing that has bothered me for years as someone who used to run 7-8 figure communities is how awful @SoundCloud @spotify & @Bandcamp are with their curation. It's 100% artists who don't even need more link love - they're very well know already! Misses whole point of social.

Contrast this with @googleanalytics feed which I ran from day 1 and grew from 0 to >1M (real) followers -- part of the largest analytics community online. MOST of the shares are from totally unknown analysts/marketers. Because lifting new voices up is our highest calling.

If you are using social purely to broadcast already known people in your category you're missing the point. Brands have power and ability to change lives. Sharing 1 blog post from a new marketer would make their day/month/year. I'd get notes they were the hero of the co that day.

SoundCloud linking artists w/millions of plays when long tail there struggles to get a thousand listens. Oh -- and btw, the smaller artists there are *SO GOOD* freq better than the larger. @SoundCloud community manager would build so much user love if they lifted up those folk.

I used to be really into community building. Esp as have been building forums since the 90s. Written 1000s of posts on this stuff, giving away ideas in hopes people do this right. Value of network isn't follower # or reinforcing already popular things. 

Unknown artists should be championed. They should be given chances. It’s life changing: knowing work touches others. It’s human experience that’s being withheld needlessly & dampening culture. Hang tastemakers/dinosaur execs. Zappa called this decades ago 

Zappa's prediction came true not only at dizzying pace, but to extent even he couldn't have predicted. This is truly darkest timeline for pop music. Sorry for all the Tweets on this- have a work in prog deck on how to fix sector, curious if anyone cares. 

1 more Tweet: streaming is obviously the future. It's going to become how most people listen. Concurrently interest in making art is waning. Economics here are atrocious and obviously not the right model. We need a revolution in how industry is run. It's fixable! More to come.

Here's more on the problem if any of you are motivated to go out and fix this and save me from having to build a company one day. As I am busy w/actual work I don't care who solves it just someone get on it and fix the streaming platforms please. Thanks. Signed, pop sucks.

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