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The internet solved this for EVERY other type of content (via Diversity, Aggregation, Incentives). Blogs, podcasts, videos, even fucking POWERPOINT presentations (slideshare!). 1 of my decks has >40K views organically. That's insane. Discovery is powerful. 

Look if we can surface random people's decks (this has 40K views I never even had to promote it: ) we can do same for artists. What no one realizes it the quality in the long tail is better than the "pop stars" now. I want everyone to experience what I do.

One more ex: can publish a story on LinkedIn (was actually just copy-paste re-post of one of my columns) taking total of 60 sec, and it’s given 40K views due to platform deciding to amplify the story. 8 yrs, 130+ songs on SC (which I *pay* $150/yr to host) for same. Feels broken.

3 decades of digital, no other media format and their creators are as stuck as musicians. There is no democratizing. Will have to test YouTube too because you might actually get a break there with a cool video. But streaming services basically do nothing to surface your content.

Wouldn't be annoyed if didn't work equally as hard on Twitter, industry columns, publishing to own sites and getting respectable amounts of traffic. I do marketing professionally, so I better be able to do this. My music = quality to my other content IMO. Discovery is broken.

Sorry for the Tweets I'm obviously annoyed & have been for awhile (all this content is just copy pasted from my pitch deck on a what better music startup might look like, testing to see if anyone cares). It's just - if digital pros can't crack this what hope do pure artists have.

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