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Why does everyone own bulldozers? It's just a part of our culture, I guess. I know no other country mentions bulldozer ownership in their constitution.

Bulldozing is an intrinsic part of our heritage as free people.

You'll never get bulldozers out of our driveways. Never.

Now, I'm as concerned as anyone that every day somebody uses their bulldozer to knock down a church or destroy a playground with people inside.

But lib fear-mongers never mention the millions of good dozer owners out there, who never go on a rampage of unauthorized demolition.

Yes, the most popular dozer is the one with the attachments specifically designed to capture fleeing people. So?

If you don't let us good dozer owners have them, how will we stop bad dozer owners?

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a dozer is a good guy with a dozer.

What you don't understand is that wide-tooth dozers with cow-catcher blades are *popular*

I *like* mine. I *need* mine. What if my family were suddenly attacked by seven miles of highway?

You aren't leaving me defenseless in that situation. Not in God's America.

People are going to get dozers no matter what, there's no stopping it, even if you place restrictions around the manufacture and sale of them and it's not easy to find or even know where they're sold or who sells them, still it won't restrict in any way how easy it is to get one.

Dozers don't knock down playgrounds, grinding children under its tracks. A bulldozer is a *thing.*

*People* knock down playgrounds.

If you took dozers away, people would just push things down with their hands and grind children to paste with oh let's say a rolling pin.

Um, you know what else tears up five miles of highway? Ice.

I suppose now you want to abolish ICE?

Wait. Wait. Let me rephrase.

I know that every day some recess is disrupted by a dozer, children fleeing, caught, ground up. Churches pushed over, parishioners crushed screaming.

But you'll take my dozer out from under my cold dead ass.

My dad and I bonded over construction. It's my heritage and my right.


Nobody ever talks about all the buildings knocked down in CHICAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOO

Um, playgrounds are *already* dozer-free areas. They're like an invitation for unauthorized demolition.

What we need is to put every kindergarten teacher in a dozer and train them in battle tactics.

Everyone should drive dozers everywhere. A dozed society is a polite society

You know who took people's bulldozers away? Hitler.

The moment a population is unable to tear up highways, they just pave the road for authoritarian tanks.

Now shhh I'm watching Hannity talk to Ingraham on Trump TV about the lugenpresse.

If you made dozers illegal, the only people who would have dozers are people who are duly licensed and trained to operate them, with required insurance and liability.

Would you really want to live in a world like th—don't say 'yes' before I'm done asking the question.

Liberal bleeding hearts want restrictions on people to operate bulldozers?

That won't work. The only people who would obey that law would be the good kind law-abiding dozer owners like me.

Also, if you try to take my dozer, I'll knock down all your houses with you inside.

You're crying about children ground up into a slurry under the *tracks* of a dozer? The *tracks*? 😂😂😂🤣

They're *treads*

Come back when you're ready to have a serious discussion.

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