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This is the fiscal madness that happens when banksters and straight up Mob finance depends on structured financial deals at outrageously high interest rates and their house of cards is close to explode into RICO suits spanning the globe. 

Competitive intelligence peeps have been looking at the madness CEOs and politicians refuse to see: Sub-zero interest rates are the wet dream of those who build fraudulent accounting to "own" entire industrial sectors, paying themselves handsomely while screwing workers.

Megabanks are so corrupt that they can't even survive with debt structures close to zero - they want to be PAID for distorting and destroying industrial sectors.

And of course, unlimited funds to buy off politicians.

And the "ratings agencies" are once again at the heart of this travesty.

I know specific cases where bond covenants require certain management decisions or a downgrade will be triggered.

Executives break these, and no downgrade occurs. Smacks of 2006-2008 and the explosion.

Trump and various Mob-connected fraudsters in government surely represent a mortal threat to liberal democracy.

But never forget how much of your retirement 401(k)s and pension are tied up in THIS mess. And you can't just vote it out.

You can just regulate it away.

Which takes political will, so in fact, getting rid of the Mobligarch lackeys in Washington/London//elsewhere is a major step, the only one to give us options.

But then we - the people - need to demand thorough investigation, regulations, and prosecutions.

I needn't name names, but if you know how the scam is really set up, then the self-styled "opponents of corporate greed" seem to strangely have no detailed knowledge of what needs to be done to mediate the problem.

Almost like they're controlled opposition...

Fixing this global crisis will not be achieved by going on MSNBC and yelling, "Chris! We can't live in a country run by the big banks!" Because we can and do.

It will be fixed through IRS-CI, FinCEN, SEC, FTC, FBI - detailed, spreadsheet drill-downs of how they structured this.

The Mobligarch/Bankster reign will only ended through radical transparency - the identity of every offshore account and wire transfer, exposing which were reasonable uses of multiple tax jurisdictions versus accounting fraud.

Here's an old ace card I've been holding in for years.

How many private equity firms would like to explain the putative cash sluice between unrelated companies in multiple offshore accounts to hypothetically make up for failing business models - defrauding the IRS and SEC?

More later. </> 😈

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