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People wonder if it's wise for me to insult Trump on Twitter, given my work as a curatorial journalist. But it was that work—and years of legal practice—that confirmed for me that Trump is a treacherous criminal who endangers us all and who we have a *moral imperative* to oppose.

1/ As an attorney, I value *process* above all else—I've been trained to think that way. Had the result of my hundreds of hours of research into Trump for two books revealed that he was clean, I would've said so. What it revealed was one of the most dangerous men in U.S. history.

2/ For years I earnestly curated objective investigative reporting to try to determine what Trump had done. My legal and investigative training taught me to expect counter-evidence suggesting Trump had done no wrong. I couldn't find it. Thus the moral imperative to *act like it*.

3/ Those who read this feed know that when I find nothing, I say so: hundreds have asked me to condemn Pence as being involved in the Trump-Russia case, and I've earnestly replied that while he appears to have lied to media on Flynn I don't believe he was involved in the scandal.

4/ But it goes beyond that: though I oppose everything Pence believes, I also believe that if after three years I can't find evidence he committed a crime, I have to speak the truth and say I'd have no problem with him becoming POTUS were Trump impeached and removed from office.

5/ That said, of *course* I'd vote against him in 2020 and would urge others to do so. I think his policies are horrible for America (and particularly its most vulnerable citizens). I also consider Pence dishonest. But Donald Trump is *uniquely* criminal and *uniquely* dangerous.

6/ So you can read PROOF OF COLLUSION and PROOF OF CONSPIRACY knowing that a former public defender who's represented thousands of accused criminals has no problem seeing all sides of every case—and *objectively*. My two books speak the truth about what I found—without exception.

7/ I know there are those who analyze certain evidence differently than I do—though admittedly, few with the legal/investigative training that leads me to my conclusions—but that has nothing to do with my books, as my books are curations of fact, *not* works of opinion or theory.

8/ All of which is to say the following: read my books and you'll find the largest, most well-documented, most thorough analysis of Trump malfeasance currently available. Read my Twitter feed and you'll see me executing the moral imperatives that research compelled me to engage.

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