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We don’t need the permission of people who oppose gun control to enact gun control. We simply need to win the elections that give us the political power to do so.

They insisted on a political climate of zero compromise.


We accept those terms.

Here we come.

Yes, and the exact same dynamic goes for law-enforcement demilitarization. We don’t need permission from those who oppose it. We just need to win the elections.

Let’s do it.

That said, people, you have to let me talk about gun control without also having to write “police demilitarization” every single time; there’s a character limit and I cannot fit the entirety of intersectional politics into every single tweet, tyvm.


Julia’s Coat.

In fact: I once changed my avatar to a picture of a coat and my handle to “Julia‘s Coat” and the confusion really was something to behold.

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