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State Democrats are being very shortsighted if they had no problem except with the flagrant gerrymander in southeastern North Carolina. Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Gastonia, Burlington, & other areas still remain quite gerrymandered in the GOP's state House map #NCpol #NCGA

Ridiculous. Any Democrats voting for these new GOP gerrymanders simply because Republicans took care of certain Democratic incumbents is an affront to North Carolina voters #NCpol #NCGA

These are Democrats we're talking about, so it's always a risk some will put themselves before their party & fair elections by voting for GOP gerrymanders that protect certain Dem incumbents. It happened in Missouri, Ohio, & Pennsylvania after 2010, too

Unfortunately, North Carolina's governor can't veto redistricting (aside from judicial branch redistricting), which is why the state is in this whole mess to begin with. If they could, former Dem Gov. Bev Perdue could've blocked the GOP's 2011 gerrymanders

A contrary take ... has anyone seen roll calls yet?

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