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They should have just hosted Fyre Festival at a WeWork office location. Missed opportunity by all to go high concept.

The goody bags have a Moviepass app subscription code and a selection of $hlf best sellers. Self driving Teslas shuttle you to an exclusive culinary experience at Applebee's. After dinner you're treated to selection of Juuls while reclining in Brookstone massage chairs next door.

Just saying @netflix every day you put off scheduling my comedy special I'm forced to continue to subject my followers to impromptu attempts at the comedic arts. If you do the special I'll get it all out in an hour and you save 46,000 people from 12 months of nautical puns.

Seriously how ship shape would it be if @netflix actually picked a random user like me who asked to do a special and said you know what, this is so meta, we're already laughing. Green lit. Easily be a top media stories all year. Would be cheap too. And you know they'd kill.

That's the type of bold idea I would experiment with if I ran a media company. You have to create spectacle now and social media used right opens up a Pandora's box for media companies to not just break 4th wall but find stories / performers / ideas that no one even knews exist.

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