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Apple TV+ is most likely doomed, but the Iger resignation is less about any competition, and more so a display of Iger’s confidence in Disney+. A reassurance of focus.

I think much of the optimism around Disney’s SVOD pivot is one baked in nostalgia, more than reality. A legacy company with a bucket of dying brands. Lol @ ABC. Can Star Wars and Marvel continue to reach new peaks? Will the company that destroyed Club Penguin invest in paradigms?

The future of media evidently looks more like YouTube & TikTok than it does many of Disney’s properties. They are brands of escapism — but they’re exhausted, played out, and too familiar. There will come a day where we won’t want to escape, because we will perpetually live there.

Disney+ will probably do well, maybe better than anticipated — but for how long? This is not a new business, this is a true pivot, because Disney is peaking. The Marvel phenomena offset this companies fatigue, and it too is tiring.

Maybe Iger’s resignation is market signaling — or maybe it is delusional optimism & confidence. This trajectory won’t be all roses, & Disney can only hope that Iger leaving behind the company building future paradigms will have been worth that signal, not another Hulu or Fusion.

Always bet on what the kids are doing, not what you want them to do.

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