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This is what you would expect to hear, from a movement that has decided that what it wants is genocide.

Apocalyptic collapse is not a thing to be feared for such people. Openness, equality, diversity—these are the things they fear.

Apocalypse—nature red of tooth and claw—is for them perhaps the only state of the world that makes sense.

A strong and unquestionable leader.

Hard strength the only strength.

"The weak are meat the strong do eat."

Apocalyptic collapse can provide them all of these things.

We are seeing a significant portion of our country who have set their moral compasses toward this grim destination: order without justice.

They'll do everything they can to steer us there.

They're not being subtle about it.

If I'm someone who wants genocide, first I'm going to have to work on dissolving the idea that we all belong to each other—not ‘belong’ in the sense of property, but rather in the sense of relationship.

Denial of our inescapable interconnection.

Once I've done that, it’s going to be very easy to convince people that life is something a person must earn—to convert other human beings from perceived art to a presumed infraction.

Denial of the intrinsic nature of human worth.

Next, we must convince people that violence redeems.

'They' do bad violence to us. 'We' do good violence to end it. Our violence is good violence. We know it is good, because we do it.

We revere it. There are parades and whatnot.

Denial that the harm we do is even harm.

Each of our nation's three great foundational lies leads inevitably to genocide.

And our nation's favorite flavor of genocide has always been slavery.

Each of our nation's three great foundational lies carries its own grim natural conclusion, and each carries it's own embedded self-destruction.

I'll name them.

The first of our nation's great foundational lies is this: We do not belong to one another.

The final conclusion of this lie: Other people do not matter.

The embedded self-destruction: Vulnerablilty. When I choose to live in world in which other people do not matter, I choose to live in a world in which I will not matter, either.

The second of our nation's foundational lies: Life must be earned.

The final conclusion of this lie: Other people do not matter, and it’s their own fault that they do not.

The embedded self-destruction. Insecurity. A life spent not on the living, but in a desperate attempt to prove my right to live.

Our third foundational lie: Violence redeems.

This lie's final conclusion: Other people not only do not matter, but it is their fault they do not matter, and it is good if, as a consequence for their failing, they are harmed. But it is even better if they die.

Here is the self-defeating penalty for believing this lie: Cowardice and fear.

Insisting upon a world in which violence redeems is a world that will inevitably kill me, maybe once, but more probably a thousand times.

For slavery you take genocide, and make it profitable.

As I said, in our country, those aligned toward genocide will take what they can get, but slavery has always been the favorite flavor.

Here is the great and final conclusion of the sum of our great foundational lies:

There are people who do not matter, and it is their own fault. It is better if they die, but it is best if they can first be used.

The self-defeating penalty for believing this lie is this: self-enslavement

A world in which profitability is the prime measure of human moral virtue is a world in which I am no longer art, but product.

So. There are some who want genocide and slavery for their own enrichment—true believers. And then there are the rest of us, who prefer order to justice, and the true believers wield that preference of ours with precision to achieve their rough ends.

Most of us don't *want* slavery and genocide. We've just been convinced of a set of proposals that will make it inevitable.

It's nearly inevitable now.

All that's needed now is just need a little push here, a little push there. A little blame. An undue focus on crimes committed by a specific group. Turn a blind eye toward crimes committed by other groups.

Bemoan the incivility of those who point out the danger of your words.

Start suggesting that our problem is an unbecoming timidity when it comes to violence.

Start saying that we need to bomb until the sand glows.

Start saying we need to go after the women and children.

Start suggesting that an entire desperate population is a poisoned handful of candy.

Return to a policy of enforcing draconian drug laws in minority populations. Start praising dictators who murder suspected drug users in their own countries.

Propose a travel ban. Fight to enact it in court.

Start rounding people up. Split up some families. Get people used to that idea.

Conflate a vulnerable group with rape. Call them animals. Go after the most productive and openly integrated and cooperative members of that vulnerable group, to make sure the totality of the dehumanization across the entire group is made clear.

My, just listen to the cheers.

Tell citizens—duly elected members of this country's government—to go back to their shithole countries.

Round up children and put them in "detention facilities." Argue in court that they don't deserve showers.

Make them drink from the toilet.

And just …let it all continue for a while. Let the gears of the machinery you’ve constructed turn until it releases its inevitable product.

Here is the solution to these lies: The truth.

Here is the truth: Every single person on earth is a unique and irreplaceable work of art carrying unsurpassable worth, and only barbarians destroy art.

That is the truth.

Tell it everywhere. Use words if you must.

What's needed today isn't logic, really—though logic is good. It's not law. It's a change of a national spirit captured by lies.

First seek out the places you've let the lies seep into your own thinking—a lifelong task.

Then you'll see it everywhere.

Then start pointing.

Again: What's needed is the simple declaration of the truth.

Here is the truth: Every single person on earth is a unique and irreplaceable work of art carrying unsurpassable worth, and only barbarians destroy art.

That is the truth.

Tell it everywhere. Use words if you must.

And be excellent to each other.

In blog form.


This is consistent with an ideology that has decided it wants to make genocide inevitable.

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