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Being a leftist is diametrically opposed to being happy and content in life.

They're all miserable because anger, resentment, blame and malcontent are vital to the cause.

If you have the (real) privilege of living in the modern Western world, then 'the system' is actually very good.

Imperfect, but very good.

If your life sucks then only you can fix that. The problem is internal in 99% of cases, not external.

Nobody who is truly happy and content supports false blame, lack of personal responsibility and forcible taking of other people's money and property...

It's just not possible. I don't believe.

FYI - liberals and leftists are not the same thing...

If you think I'm over-generalising, you're probably conflating the two in a way I don't intend.

Ain't no happy, content leftists. It's an oxymoron.

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