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Impeachment / Pelosi roundup

To prepare for my appearance on this ⤵️ panel next week, I wrote two more impeachment threads.

There’s overlap between them, so they're best read in order.

I'm also adding a thread by lawyer @blakesmustach.


Twitter Legal Cliff Notes regarding the House Judiciary Committee’s September 12, 2019 Impeachment resolution, stressing the importance of procedure.

(Bonus: This will help you prepare for the Civil Procedure portion of your Twitter Bar Exam)

3/ “Pelosi, Impeachment, Democracy & Autocracy”

Spoiler: If want rule of law (versus autocracy) we have to follow the law—even when we think it may be better to use [metaphorical] torches.

Thanks the people who pointed this thread out to me.

4/ For other impeachment threads, including basic explainers, go to my blog and select the category “impeachment”

Here:  https://terikanefield-blog.com/category/impeachment/ 

(The broken link in Tweet 15 of the Pelosi thread is a cut and paste error. It was supposed to link to my earlier thread.)

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