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A few thoughts about these polls I've been putting up. Sort of a FAQ I guess.

1) There is no 'tour.' There'll probably be a couple events after launch, but beyond that I dunno.

That's just how it is with books. There's only so much money on publicity, and events aren't always the best bang for the buck. Which is 100% fine.


HOWEVER, I do travel for various reasons. And if I'm going to be somewhere anyway, I may as well try to set up an event. So it's good to know how many of you would come, so bookstores have some idea if it would be worth it for them.

Because I'd love to meet you.

So let's see.

2) I'm aware the polls are unscientific. Most followers are going to miss them during the 1-day window they're running.

So let's do this: If you'd like me to run one from where you are, just comment and I'll add it to the list.

If I "liked" your tweet doing this, it's added.

If you ask for a location and I've already run it, I'll count you as a "write-in" for that location.

3) I have a newsletter here, which I started as a biweekly and is sort of becoming a monthly.

It'll probably go to a weekly as launch approaches, and it'll have specific info about events and such.

Sign up if you're interested.


4) I'm aware "I like to push buttons" is always winning, and it probably makes the polls look sad.

That's OK. I just want a count, which I can reverse engineer out of the results. And I *know* you button-mashers. I've gotta give you an option even when the poll doesn't apply.

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