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My college girlfriend lived literally right next door to an Arby's. Like you could walk there no problem the sign was visible from their parking lot. You really don't appreciate these things fully while you have them, truly those were good days.

Funny post script to this: eventually I became David Puddy. My "go to" every date night was Arby's. This did not fly for long before she was annoyed with me. So as fine dining option I'd suggest Olive Garden which was immediately accepted. Gainesville, Fla is a magical place.

My life as an adult is so different: wife would never be seen in an Olive Garden or Arby's (but still is cool enough to let me go). However, she treats me 100% on trips to Vegas/dinner at Le Cirque on special occasions (along with in-suite dining for @dashthedingo). We are lucky.

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