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1/ Few things I learned or liked
in Tyler Cowen + Margaret Atwood convo

Peter the Great learned he could tax consumption of alcohol—then he made it unpatriotic NOT to drink
He made it a crime to agitate AGAINST drinking b/c he was making so much money from it

2/ The most worrying trend to her?

1) Climate-caused resource conflicts leading to WAR —which “are always bad for women”

2) Aging populations that are top-heavy with insufficient young people that creates societal pressure on women to have more children

3/ Atwood invokes idea that those who FORGET history are condemned to REPEAT—

we forgot or ignore 40s censorship + purges done under a flag of virtue and a promise of utopia

i had NO IDEA of Nazis in the US with plan to hang 23 media moguls in a Hollywood park in the 30s (!?!)

4/ Atwood’s next story—is as beautiful as it is badass.

On the Wizard of Oz:
-the male wizard is a FRAUD
-and all of the other male characters are MISSING something.
-But the witches are REAL.

“Now, Tyler, I’m going to tell you a story...”

FEAR inspires more respect than LOVE

5/ The haunting truth of why Canada’s reconciliation process of mistreated indigenous people has taken more work than the US—

—because past US generations did more massacres—and had fewer people LEFT to be reconciled with.


6/ Women faces many disadvantages—but in the “written arts” they overcame them. Why?

Because in the arts—they could write or paint ANONYMOUSLY or at home or in private—or pretend to be someone else or conceal their identity.

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