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Trump is on a march to war. The combatants:

🇺🇸🇮🇱🇸🇦🇦🇪 vs. 🇮🇷

You can be *shocked* when war starts or know why it happened.

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1/ US media has credulously reported that Trump doesn't want war, and my research suggests they're half-right: Trump would *prefer* to avoid war—mind you, *exclusively* because it's bad for his election campaign—but he's willing to go if the men he owes debts to demand it of him.

2/ Trump's chief partner, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—with whom he'll enter into a "mutual defense pact" if he can interfere with the Israeli election enough to make sure Netanyahu wins his upcoming election—has *already said he wants war*. 

3/ Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal at the demand of Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia (MBS) and the UAE (MBZ). All three men *knew* that the U.S. reneging on its promises to Iran when Iran was *in compliance* with the deal it signed with the U.S. would start the countdown to war.

4/ Americans must understand that Netanyahu wasn't—as you can see from the story I just posted—only talking about *Israel* going to war... he was talking about *America* going to war alongside Israel and its Sunni "allies," Saudi Arabia and the UAE—both nations now run by madmen.

5/ A war is now nearly inevitable, as Trump's foreign policy was drafted—back in 2016—by the Israelis and Emiratis. And I mean that *literally*: Trump's foreign policy was conceived by foreign nationals, and he hasn't deviated from that policy because those nations have paid him.

6/ The part that's really going to surprise everyone: America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE can only go to war with Iran—which Trump's de facto bosses in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE demand—if *Russia stays out of it*. So Trump must begin to appease Russia significantly.

7/ Here's what Russia gets *if* it stands aside:

▶️ THE UNITED STATES: will drop sanctions.
▶️ ISRAEL: will sell Russia spying technology.
▶️ SAUDI ARABIA: will pay Russia to build nuclear reactors.
▶️ UAE: will augment existing multibillion dollar joint investments with Russia.

8/ If war starts, Americans will be *flattened* with shock—especially as war would be accompanied not only by untold U.S. military deaths, but the collapse of the world economy. I wrote a book called PROOF OF CONSPIRACY to try to prepare Americans for this highly likely disaster.

9/ But it gets *worse*. Russia aims to re-elect Trump via election interference—but it's now joined by *Saudi Arabia* and *Israel* and *the UAE* because those nations need Trump in power to make war on Iran. And Trump *did nothing to protect our elections*, because he knows this.

10/ America couldn't withstand cyberwar from Russia in 2016—in part because Trump and D.C. Republicans sought to facilitate that foreign invasion. Our elections have no chance of withstanding all-out cyber waged against us by Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel. *No* chance.

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