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Once again, the Republican answer to the question: “Did Bret Kavanaugh sexually assault Christine Blasey Ford and others, then lie under oath in his confirmation hearings?” isn’t “yes” or “no,” but rather “who gives a shit.

For supremacists, it’s all about the right to impunity.

Watch them all find a reason, given new facts that have come to light, to not give a shit.

It won’t take long. Any reason will do. In fact, a specious reason is often preferable, as it underscores the fact that it was never about the reason—it was about not needed a reason.

For the Republican Party—as for any supremacist group—freedom is the freedom to never be asked to give a shit about the effects of your actions upon anyone, in full expectation of protection under the law, with full entitlement to undiminished professional and social standing.

Impeaching Kavanaugh is non-negotiable. Impeach him and let Republican Senators explain their votes.

Then impeach him again for the exact same reason.

Lifetime appointment? Lifetime impeachment.

The Republican answer to the question: “Did Bret Kavanaugh do it?” isn’t “yes” or “no,” but rather “who gives a shit?”

They just need to find a reason to not give a shit. Any reason will do.

For supremacists, it’s all about the right to impunity.

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