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I'm an American Jew who wants peace for Israel. My book PROOF OF CONSPIRACY provides significant evidence that Prime Minister Netanyahu meddled in our 2016 election. You do not want this man leading your nation when Congress uncovers all the evidence.

(WARNING) Evidence shows Netanyahu used aides Eli Groner and George Birnbaum, Israeli Joel Zamel, ambassador Ron Dermer, U.S. politician Ben Carson, and Americans Mike Flynn, George Nader and George Papadopoulos to interfere in our elections and strike a grand bargain with Putin.

(WARNING 2) Netanyahu is a grave and growing threat to US-Israeli relations, and if Netanyahu continues to lead the Israeli government, the revelations coming about his domestic and international crimes could permanently threaten the critical relationship America has with Israel.

(WARNING 3) I love my fellow Jews. I want Israel to be secure. I desperately hope Israeli voters consider that not only is Netanyahu on the verge of collapsing Israel's relationship with the US, but is also actively working with Arab autocrats to plunge Israel into a bloody war.

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