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I like how Yahoo pretty much entirely pivoted to the No. 1 outlet for coverage of the intelligence community's widespread failures over the last decade  https://news.yahoo.com/exclusive-russia-carried-out-a-stunning-breach-of-fbi-communications-system-escalating-the-spy-game-on-us-soil-090024212.html 

Genuinely love it. There is an incredible aura & mystery around these agencies, with their successes & failures often just buried — never reaching the public. With great powers leap-frogging America in cybersec, these stories now demand a wider audience.

There are very real questions & concerns surrounding projects like Google's Maven. But our technology, and those that build it in America, cannot continue down a diverging path. These stories may wake up that talent to the true threats our beliefs face.

At the same time, those initiatives must be steered from different perspectives. There is truthfully a lot of concern today surrounding the monopolization and consolidation of the defense sector — it is unprecedented. The 244,000 deserved a voice too.

The current runaway tit-for-tat of Cybercom and the IC, and their foreign counterparts alike, within the world's electric grids are putting millions of civilizations at risk — and that story, one of the most important of our time, is falling on deaf ears.

Ransomware is currently wrecking havoc on local governments across the country. For Baltimore, the irony is that they were exploited by EternalBlue, which was developed down the street at the NSA & stolen. What will hit the wild next? Would we be warned?

It's a new era, and we need more national security and cybersecurity reporters like those at @YahooNews. Those iOS exploits, used in the wild for years, targeting Chinese Uighurs, and likely leaving behind a bloody trail — will we ever learn their origin?

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