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(Thread) Impeachment Roundup

If you stick to the end, let me know what impeachment issues and questions I haven’t addressed.

In April, I started off with a thread hitting a cautionary note about the Dangers of Impeachment⤵️

1/ Adding: the authors of TO END A PRESIDENCY argued that the House's decision of to impeach is “discretionary;” the Constitution gives the House the “power” not the “duty.”

Next I did a thread on Impeachment Basics⤵️

2/ Some people equate impeachment with removal: "Trump needs to be impeached to stop the lawbreaking!”

That might happen. It's also possible that being cleared of wrongdoing by the Senate may empower him.

Next, here's the advanced impeachment course⤵️

3/ When I wrote Impeachment 201, the House was not yet calling it an impeachment inquiry. Now they voted on procedures for the inquiry.

Also I can now think of evidence that might sway the Senate to remove: What if, for example, Russian oligarchs did co-sign Trump’s loans?

4/ Not only would that be a national security nightmare, but it goes straight to the Trump Billionaire Myth by showing that he’s “rich” because he’s being propped up by Russian money.

Next, an explainer of the Sept. 12 Impeachment Resolution⤵️

5/ It's about procedure, which separates democratic rule of law proceedings from autocratic kangaroo courts.

Trey Gowdy didn’t care about procedure, hence the Benghazi debacle.

Next: Why some Congressional Dems aren't rushing to impeachment.

Update . . .

6/ Rep. Lauren Underwood now supports impeachment, but other Democratic reps in red districts still feel the way she did.

Reluctant Dems are not saying No Impeachment.

They tend to come from red districts and are emphasizing procedure.

Listen to:  https://www.wkar.org/post/michigans-moderate-democrats-shy-away-joining-calls-impeachment#stream/0 

7/ Moderate Democrats from red states were a lot of the reason the House flipped in 2018, so we should listen to them.

Actually, we should listen anyway because democracy is about compromise and finding common ground.

(That doesn't mean you shouldn't voice YOUR opinion!)

8/ Finally, from last week, a thread called "Pelosi, Impeachment / Democracy v. Autocracy"

At Tweet 12, I address why comparisons with the Nixon era probably don’t work. Nixon rapidly lost support when proceedings began. That may not happen this time.

9/ Where we are now: The House Judiciary Committee applied to see the Mueller investigation Grand Jury materials:  https://judiciary.house.gov/sites/democrats.judiciary.house.gov/files/documents/FINAL%20PETITION.pdf 

The Mueller report is based on the evidence. The Judiciary Committee wants the evidence.

10/ The DOJ argued that they shouldn’t get the docs primarily because the House proceedings are not “judicial proceedings,” and even if they are, the entire House needs to vote.  https://www.politico.com/f/?id=0000016d-2cce-d8f3-a3ed-6cdfd3070001 

What do we learn from this?

11/ Not much. Both sides have made their arguments, and a court will decide.

Interesting, though, that the Barr-Trump-DOJ wants to push the House for a full vote now, which puts the Barr-Trump-DOJ in line with the "impeachment right this minute" people.

12/ I can think of a few reasons the Barr-Trump-DOJ wants to push for a full vote now—even though at this point the House will vote yes.

Remember when Pelosi gave an interview saying that Trump was trying to goad the House into impeaching?

13/ Here was a typical response👇

Isn’t that what the DOJ is doing now? Saying “C’mon. Do it now. Are you chicken?”

One possible reason: The Trump-GOP doesn't want the Dems to be fully prepared or have all the info.

Another: They're ready for the fight.

14/ You can expect a disinformation campaign and every propaganda tactic in their playbooks.

For a preview, check out how the congressional Republicans behaved at the Mueller and Cohen hearings.

In other words, don't expect a Senate trial to look like a normal trial. .

15/ Oh, yeah, and tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee will conduct public hearings with Corey Lewandowski.Should be interesting.

OK, people who slogged through it all: What issues regarding impeachment haven’t I addressed?

Sigh. @LindseyGrahamSC is confused.

Dear Sen. Graham. You are a Senator. The Senate doesn't impeach. The Senate removes.

You have no say over impeachment.

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