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Do you really think people will stop defending themselves because they can’t get guns?

*Guns* don’t self-defend. *People* self-defend.

A gun is just an *object.* A gun can’t defend anyone.

If guns are banned, law-abiding citizens will just get knives for self-defense.

Put a gun in an empty room and see if it defends anyone’s family. It won’t. Wait as long as you want.

Guns are useless for self-defense.

I just know that guns don’t kill people, I’ve heard it all my life. “Guns don’t kill people.” How can they possibly be dangerous?

Guns don’t do anything. They’re just objects. So if they can’t kill you, how can they possibly defend you?

You’re gonna have to explain how restricting access to a gun wouldn’t diminish somebody’s ability to kill in attack, but does diminish somebody’s ability to kill in defense.

Me, I believe the NRA: a gun is just an innocent object that can’t hurt anybody.

If shooters will do whatever it takes even without a gun, I’m sure that everyone else will do whatever it takes even without a gun, too.

Taking guns away from self defenders won’t stop them from self defending.

Guns don’t self-defend. People do.

It doesn’t matter what you bring. A knife or a gun are just objects, they don’t kill. They are perfectly safe.

Guns and knives don’t kill or self defend. Only people do. If a person tries to harm you, you are a person, so you have all you need.

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