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The *point* of Bret Kavanaugh was the sexual assault. The point was, we can do it to you, and you can’t stop us.

It was, to those who put him forward, to those who still defend him, his chief qualification.

To let him withdraw would be to admit: there are still some things we can’t do to you, because of common decency, or political practicality, or because we recognize we’re still bound by the law.

And now we see: they’ll fight to the death to not admit that.

His confirmation, like Trump’s nomination and inauguration, was a sort of collective spiritual assault.

An ideology with no moral value, save domination.

We’re better than them, more free, more open, and they know it. They’re wrong, and small, and empty, and scared, and they know it.

When all you have to give is fear and pain, it’s all you have to eat.

Or, as the man said: As you sow, so shall you reap.

They like to drink liberal tears, they say. I say: at least we still have the capacity to mourn.

They’ve failed to realize: when you drink tears, you stay thirsty.

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