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Unreal. Half of North Carolina Senate Dems largely voted for the GOP's new modestly-less-gerrymandered map, likely in part because some Dems got favorable seats to protect neighboring GOP incumbents. This happened in MO, OH, & PA after 2010, now it's happening again #NCpol #NCGA

Dem NC Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue is helping Republicans with statements like this. I showed yesterday how an alternate High Point map could be less unfavorable to Dem Sen. Michael Garrett in District 27 while still following the court's order

The real message coming from North Carolina's Democratic state Senate leader is that they'd rather prefer their own seats remain safe even if it means the entire map still has gerrymandering to favor Republicans. Putting themselves before their party & voters #NCpol #NCGA

The Politics 101 edition of Why You Should Never Vote for Republican Gerrymanders

Of course it's better than the illegal map, but it still isn't fair. High Point & Winston-Salem are still quite gerrymandered to favor Republicans, making it unlikely Democrats can win a majority in 2020 even if they win more votes like 2018 #NCpol #NCGA 

Here are the partisan & racial stats for the North Carolina Senate districts Republicans & roughly half of Dems just passed. The median districts backed Trump by 10%, 6% more than his statewide margin. That's roughly the barrier this map has against a Dem majority #NCpol #NCGA

Winston-Salem in particular is absurd. A nonpartisan map based on compactness & not splitting cities & voting districts doesn't come close to explaining it, & you can see that incumbency-protection overrode those concerns. But the incumbents were elected in illegal districts!

First map is how Republicans (& Dems who voted with them) drew Winston-Salem's state Senate districts. Second map I drew to comply with the court's mandate for greater compactness, & it also splits one fewer city. The GOP's Districts 31 & 32 are a classic gerrymander #NCpol #NCGA

To end this thread, first state House map here is what North Carolina House GOP passed on Friday. Second is one I drew to comply with the court's mandate for compactness, & it also splits fewer cities. GOP's House map is much more gerrymandered than their Senate map #NCpol #NCGA

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