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I've addressed this in multiple threads, including some of the impeachment threads.

Start with Harvard prof. Levitsky on Constitutional hardball here:

And Georgetown Law prof. Pozen on anti-Constitutional hardball techniques:  https://www.lawfareblog.com/hardball-andas-anti-hardball 

2/ The Cliff Notes (but please read read the links): The Constitutional hardball we're seeing from the GOP comes from desperation as they see their base shrinking and their long and medium term prospects looking dim.

Constitutional hardball destroys institutions.

3/ The Democrats on the other hand has excellent medium and long term prospects. Their base (young, multicultural) is growing.

The Democrats own the future.

If the Democrats respond with Constitutional hardball, it will put more stress on the institutions.

4/ Prof. Levitsky likens the current political situation to an earthquake. Because Dems own the future, they should respond to the shaking by moving to strengthen the institutions.

That way there will be less rebuilding later.

* "have" not "has" in Tweet 3.

I wrote quickly.

It was my keyboard's fault.

Apologies then.

You cannot modify GOP behavior.

There will always remain a fringe elements that want to destroy.

We can, however, remove them from office.

See, for example, Hofstadter's book, The Paranoid Style in American Politics . . .

The fringe has always been with us.

What was once the fringe during Nixon's time has now taken over the GOP.

People are going to feel shocked when the Trump impeachment proceedings are nothing like the Nixon hearings.

I get asked this question a lot. At one point I had it on a FAQ.

Even with all the cheating in 2018, the Dems won by 8 percentage points. Do that again in 2020 and it will be an electoral landslide.

Georgia is making progress on their machine issues. . .

I really can't see how cheating can increase in 2020.

We've now seen the tricks. We're wise to Russian methods.

Lots of people are working around the clock on voter rights issues. My volunteer time now is spent doing voter protection.

Lots of people are stepping up.

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