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A big hat-tip to @DaceCampbell for this Venn diagram distinguishing between the terms collusion, impeachment, unethical, national security, criminal, conspiracy, bribery, money laundering, illegal solicitation of foreign campaign donations, and aiding/abetting. Please share this.

1/ To edit this diagram to include the Mueller Report, put a new *dotted-line circle* inside the "Conspiracy" circle, call it "Before-the-fact IRA/GRU Conspiracy to Commit Computer Crimes," then add an asterisk leading to a note saying "not *yet* proof beyond a reasonable doubt."

2/ Then add another sentence to the note that says, "Evidence to prove a Conspiracy to Commit Computer Crimes beyond a reasonable doubt could not be secured because Trump witnesses lied, withheld evidence, destroyed evidence, or refused to be interviewed, per the Mueller Report."

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