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1/ The Republican Party is different now. During the Nixon era, the parties had not completed their platform shift.

For example, much of the GOP was still white and southern.

During the past few decades, the GOP has shifted from a conservative to a reactionary party . . .

2/ Here I trace the shift between the parties:
And here I define "reactionary" to better understand the current GOP:

A trial with Nixon era conservatives will pay out differently from a trial with reactionaries.

3/ Consider the timeline with the Nixon impeachment.

In July, 1973, Nixon refused to hand over the tapes.
Nov 1, 1973 Jaworski was appointed as new special prosecutor.
Early in 1974, Nixon folks started pleading guilty to crimes.
April: Jaworski subpoenaed the tapes. . .


June 15: All the President's Men was published.
July , 24: Nixon was ordered to hand over the tapes; House moves too impeach.
August 8: Nixon resigned.

As soon as the truth came out, Nixon was cooked.

Because the truth still mattered to the Republican Party.

5/ John Dean has said that Nixon might have survived if he'd had Fox News.  https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/01/02/john-dean-nixon-might-have-survived-if-thered-been-a-fox-news-216207 

In fact, right wing media was born to protect future Nixons.

Manafort, Roger Stone, etc, were the extremists in the Nixon GOP. They didn't want Nixon to resign.

6/ The extremists have now taken over the party, and they've boldly adopted fascist techniques to torpedo truth and undermine factuality.

During the Nixon era, everyone basically got their news from the same places.

What sociologists call the "public sphere" was still intact.

7/ For more on the public sphere, see:  https://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780199756841/obo-9780199756841-0030.xml 

That's why people say polarization is the greatest problem were have and tearing apart democracy.

In the Nixon era, we shared a common truth.
Now there are two separate versions.

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