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Just one of a thousand things presidents can do, now, if they don't impeach him for doing it.

One monumentally awful part of Pelosi‘s decision to resist impeaching: framing her decision as political math.

If you’re not impeaching only b/c you think it’s a political loser, people will assume, once you do impeach, it’s only b/c you think it’s a political winner.

As a result, before they impeach him, they’ve got to get rid of her.

Pelosi has made the most terrible political miscalculation of the last half century.

We have to impeach a lawless president.

She has to go, so we can do it.

That was always going to be what they said. It’s just that now she’s lent that nonsense counterargument a deadly legitimacy.

He’s done enough to investigate for 20 years. We should be in month 9 of an official impeachment investigation that lasts up until he leaves office, at which point it can become a criminal proceeding.

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